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Governor's Arts Awards

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The Governor's Arts Awards program honors outstanding citizens and organizations in Montana whose achievements in the arts benefit all Montanans.

The Governor’s Arts Awards program, and its nominating process, are on hold until funding becomes available. When funding becomes available, information will be posted on our website and in State of the Arts.

The 2010 honorees were recognized at a ceremony in the state Capitol's Old Supreme Court Chambers, followed by a reception on Friday, January 22, 2010. The Montana Arts Council and the Montana Ambassadors again joined forces to produce the awards activities which included "hometown celebrations" in honorees' respective communities between March and May.

These six distinguished Montanans are recipients of the 2010 Governorís Arts Award:

John Buck and Deborah Butterfield

photo of Deborah Butterfieled and John Buck
For their profiles click here

Donna Forbes

photo of Donna Forbes
For her profile click here

Amy Ragsdale

photo of Amy Ragsdale
For her profile click here

Kelly Roberti

photo of Kelly Roberti
For his profile click here

Pat Williams

photo of Pat Williams
For his profile click here

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Previous Governor's Arts Awards Honorees:

Philip Aaberg, 1995
Stephen Ambrose, 1999
Eugene Andrie, 1981
Archie Bray Foundation, 1981
Rudy Autio, 1981
Francis Bardanouve, 1995
Joanna Barker, 2001
Uri Barnea, 2003
Bigfork Summer Playhouse, 1997
Judith Blegen, 1983
Dana Boussard, 1987
James Lee Burke, 2001
Ray Campeau, 1987
Donald Carey, 2001
Russell Chatham, 1997
Corwin Clairmont, 2008
Terry Conrad, 2008
Custer County Art and Heritage Center, 2003
Gennie DeWeese, 1995
Robert DeWeese, 1995
Ivan Doig, 1991
Becky Eiker, 2005
Judy Ericksen, 2003
LaDonna Fehlberg, 1983
Robert Fehlberg, 1983
Edith Freeman, 1993
Fort Peck Summer Theater and Fort Peck Fine Arts Council, 1999
Eric Funk, 2001
A.B. Guthrie, Jr., 1982
James Haughey, 1981
Hawthorne School, 2005
Walter Hook, 1985
Elmer Jakab, 1999
Dorothy Johnson, 1983
Isabelle Johnson, 1983
Oshanee (Agnes) Kenmille, 2001
William Kittredge, 1985
Ed Lahey, 2008
John Lester, 1986
Myrna Loy, 1989
Stan Lynde, 1983
Norman Maclean, 1987 Arnie Malina, 1997
Thomas McGuane, 1989
Wally McRae, 1989
Terry Melton, 1991
Missoula Childrenís Theatre, 1987
Montana Institute of the Arts, 1993
Montana Power Company, 1999
Montana Repertory Theatre, 1983
Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, 1991
Mary E. Moore, 1997
Robert F. Morgan, 2001
Jo-Anne Mussulman, 1999
Dr. Joseph Mussulman, 1999
David Nelson, 1999
Christopher Parkening, 1987
Myrna Paulus, 2001
Ralph Paulus, 2001
Eewokso - Ernie Pepion, 2005
Lyndon Fayne Pomeroy, 1991
James Poor, 1985
James Kenneth Ralston, 1984
Bernie Rasmussen, 1981
Mary Agnes Roberts, 1991
Joseph S. Sample, 1997
Miriam Sample, 1997
Robert Scriver, 1990
Gary Schildt, 1999
Edmund Sedivy, 1993
Frances Senska, 1988
David Shaner, 1989
Kevin Shannon, 1987
Michael Smuin, 1981
Harold Sprague, 1985
Virginia Sprague, 1985
Benjamin Steele, 1992
Shirley Steele, 1992
William Stockton, 2003
John Talbot, 1994
Susan Talbot, 1994
U S WEST Foundation, 1989
Agnes Vanderburg, 1983
Allen Vizutti, 2008
Peter Voulkos, 1985
James Welch, 1981
Larry D. William, 2003
Jessie Wilber, 1988
Yellowstone Art Museum, 1995
Thomas Yellowtail, 1993
Paul Zarzyski, 2005

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