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Montana Arts Council Staff

Kristin Han Burgoyne

photo of Kristin Han Burgoyne

Kristin is the Grants & Database Director and Accessibility Coordinator for the Montana Arts Council. She grew up on a wheat/cattle farm on the Hi-Line, the daughter of a veterinarian cattle rancher and a grade-school teacher. Life on the Hi-Line gave her an appreciation for wind, rain (or lack thereof), driving too fast, and the willingness & strength of character to drive 70 miles (one way) to Dairy Queen for a chocolate-dipped cone.

Kristin received her degree in Biology (Pre-Med Emphasis) from the Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Kristin worked as a program director and instructor for a martial arts school and then traveled the country working for Warren Miller Entertainment as a trade show representative and later as a sponsor manager and part-time production assistant. Tired of coping with traffic and life in the city, Kristin did exactly what everyone who knew her said she would never do and returned to Montana.

Kristin began her career with the arts council as the receptionist in February of 1999. By utilizing the arts council's philosophy of making the job fit the employee she has been able to create a unique position that capitalizes on her zen computer skills and management ability. Her previous job positions have not been in the arts but she finds that her experience teaching martial arts and her understanding of the laws of physics and other scientific principles make her exceptionally qualified for handling the diversity of her current position.

Kristin and her husband Andy have 3 children and live on their own little piece of paradise just outside of Helena.