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Artist's Innovation Award

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Program Description

In order to foster environments where the innovation and creativity of artists are valued and celebrated, this program rewards Montana artists who have demonstrated:

  • Innovation in their work and artwork
  • Originality and dedication in their creative pursuits
  • A marked capacity for self-direction

How We Define Innovation

Innovation is the act of introducing something new or different to further an artistís vision and practice. This can mean new methods, applications, perspectives, elements, forms, materials, technology integration, project concepts and/or processes that result from study, experimentation or experiences. Your innovation can be from any era of your artistic career. Your innovation can be a personal evolution, or an evolution for the field, or both. Innovation is applicable to traditional art and contemporary art.

2015 Application Information and Award Cycles

The deadline for applications is October 1, 2015. Up to eight awards of $3,000 each will be distributed for this cycle in the literary arts, performing arts and visual arts combined.

Please click here to read and review the guidelines. Then click here to begin the application form.

2013 Artist's Innovation Award Winners

Ten Montana artists received $3,000 as winners of the 2013 Artist's Innovation Award. The Artist's Innovation Award is made possible by funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. One of the ten awards is designated for a ceramics artist; the Jessie Wilber and Frances Senska Individual Artist Award, established by a private gift to the arts council from Stacy Hamm and Sage Walden.

Past Winners

  • Philip Aaberg, Performing Arts, Chester, 2011
  • Angela Babby, Visual Arts, Billings, 2011
  • Rick Bass, Literary Arts, Missoula and Yaak Valley, 2011
  • Courtney Blazon, Visual Arts, Missoula, 2011
  • Jill Foote-Hutton, Visual Arts, Red Lodge, 2011
  • Tami Haaland, Literary Arts Billings, 2011
  • April Hale, Visual Arts, Bozeman, 2011
  • Charles Nichols, Performing Arts, Missoula, 2011
  • Kathryn Schmidt, Visual Arts, Bozeman, 2011
  • Andy Smetanka, Visual Arts, Missoula, 2011
  • Mark Sundeen, Literary Arts, Missoula, 2011
  • David Cates, Literary Arts, Missoula, 2010
  • Eric Funk, Performing Arts, Bozeman, 2010
  • Kristi Hager, Performing Arts, Missoula, 2010
  • Jerry Iverson, Visual Arts, Big Timber, 2009
  • Dave Kirk, Visual Arts, Willow Creek, 2009
  • Katherine Kramer, Performing Arts, Bozeman, 2010
  • Melissa Kwasny, Literary Arts, Jefferson City, 2010
  • Molly Murphy, Visual Arts, Missoula, 2009
  • Lori Ryker, Visual Arts, Livingston, 2009
  • Phoebe Toland, Visual Arts, Helena, 2009
  • Lea Zoltowski, Visual Arts, Billings, 2009

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