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Art is the River
The Rectangle Book: Often Less Is More
Independent Contractor; To Be or Not to Be

Image of eastern Montana

Art is the River – with Marina Weatherly

Providing specific Indian Education for All content and context with arts education can offer an exciting, rigorous, meaningful and productive learning experience for Montana’s teachers and students. The arts provide a circular, connecting river, giving the students a vehicle and opportunity to gain an appreciation of other cultures and to make and personally express vital connections with their own culture, identity, place and human experience.

Click here for Part 1 (10:52)

Click here for Part 2 (9:06)

Hide painting with beading

You can download the information mentioned in the video below. All files are PDF's.

Darwin working on a book

The Rectangle Book: Often Less Is More – with Darwin Nordin

Crafting meaningful art making experiences for students is a matter of leaving room for discovery. Sequencing a series of teaching and learning moments that pose questions and present challenges with no 'single right answer' is at the heart of what I do as a teaching artist. A seemingly simple lesson allowing adequate time for students to explore possibilities – to tinker and play with materials, combined with plenty of time for meaningful sharing of the artwork created are the ingredients for an empowering creative experience. The following video clips step you through The Rectangle Book a simple yet rich lesson that I never grow tired of presenting. I think you will see how this simple lesson can lead to a variety of explorations in art as well as other disciplines. Enjoy.

Click here for Part 1 – Creating the Structure (14:00)

Click here for Part 2 – Creating Content and Sharing Work (20:37)

Click here for Part 3 – Final Thoughts (5:19)

photo of Darwin Nordin

A more formal learning plan of this lesson is available in the PDF below

photo of Carleen Layen

Independent Contractor – To Be or Not to Be – a conversation with Carleen Layne, Accountant, Montana Arts Council

As a teaching artist have you wondered why a school or organization asks you for proof of your workers comp exemption or why they deduct money from your fee? Carleen has some of the answers for you in this video. Click here to view the video. (11:15)

You can download the information mentioned in the video below. All files are PDF's.