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Employee or Independent Contractor? Archived webinar presentation

A webinar on the high points of Montana and federal regulations regarding independent contractor versus employee status for non-profit arts/cultural organizations. Click here for more information and a recording of the webinar.

Accessible Websites — Archived webinar presentation

A webinar on tips and tools for websites aiming to provide an equal experience for their visitors with disabilities. Click here for more information and a recording of the webinar.

Casting A Wider Social Net!

A webinar on strategies for consistent effective digital communications. Click here for a recording of the webinar.

How Strong is Your Social Net? Archived webinar presentation

This session is drawn from results of the first comprehensive national research study to measure arts organizations' usage and perceptions of digital and social media. Click here for a recording of the webinar.

Socialize With Us! Archived audio discussion

This is a lively discussion about social media with representatives from arts organizations that are successfully using social media to connect with their audiences. Alpine Theatre Company's Luke Walrath, Alberta Bair Theater's Jody Grant and Archie Bray Foundation's Rachel Hicks continued the discussion that was featured on Page 20-21 in MAC's May/June 2014 issue of State of the Arts. Click here for the recording of the discussion.

Website the Key to Telling Our Story. Archived webinar presentation

In this session Glacier Symphony and Chorale Executive Director Alan Satterlee takes us through their website features, focusing on how they utilize various elements to build participation. Click here for a recording of the webinar.


Small Employer Health Care Tax Credit

Health coverage legislation enacted this year includes a Small Business Health Care Tax Credit to help small businesses and small tax-exempt organizations afford the cost of covering their workers. Read more at the links below.

Important Tax and Reporting Information for Arts Organizations

Annual Electronic Filing Requirement for Small Exempt Organizations – Form 990-N (e-Postcard)

Small tax-exempt organizations whose annual gross receipts are normally $25,000 or less ($50,000 for tax years ending on or after December 31, 2010) may be required to electronically submit Form 990-N, also known as the e-Postcard, unless they choose to file a complete Form 990 or Form 990-EZ.

Due Date of the e-Postcard
The e-Postcard is due every year by the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of your tax year. For example, if your tax year ended on December 31, the e-Postcard is due May 15 of the following year. If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the due date is the next business day. You cannot file the e-Postcard until after your tax year ends. Go to,,id=169250,00.html

Learning from Sarbanes-Oxley: A Checklist for Nonprofits and Foundations

Visit Independent Sectors website to download this PDF document, Once you download the "Checklist" click on the link at the bottom of the document. On this web page you can download the article entitled, "The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Implications for Nonprofit Organizations" (PDF), either from the box on the right-hand side or the link at the bottom of the web page.

New Auditing Standards and How They May Impact Your Organization

by Ernest J. Paszkiewicz, CPA, a partner with Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates in Baltimore at
Click here to download this Word document.

Web Links

Americans for the Arts
Americans for the Arts offers leadership development programs and tools customized for arts professionals.

Artful Manager
The Artful Manager seeks a new set of metaphors for the administrative leaders of arts and culture. There is a need for business thinking, to be sure, with an intensity and deftness we have only begun to understand. But there is also an energy beyond money and markets that the artful manager must channel. What if, in the end, the arts organization is not a problem to be managed, but an instrument to be played?

Board Cafe
CompassPoint's Board Café is the electronic newsletter exclusively for members of nonprofit boards of directors. Short enough to read over a cup of coffee, Board Café offers a menu of ideas, information, opinion, news, and resources to help board members give and get the most out of board service.

Independent Sector
Independent Sector is the leadership forum for charities, foundations, and corporate giving programs committed to advancing the common good in America and around the world. This nonpartisan coalition of approximately 600 organizations leads, strengthens, and mobilizes the charitable community in order to fulfill a vision of a just and inclusive society and a healthy democracy of active citizens, effective institutions, and vibrant communities.

Leadership Transitions
Leadership Transitions is part of the Texas Commision on the Arts' Tools for Results Tool-kit which was developed as a resource for non-profit arts and cultural organizations. Leadership Transitions contains information and tools that actively address demographic trends and organizational changes.

Linkage, Inc.
Linkage, Inc. is a global organizational development company that specializes in leadership development. They publish a free, monthly eNewsletter that offers you industry leaders' viewpoints, best practices, and relevant information on a variety of topics.

Montana Nonprofit Association
The Montana Nonprofit Association is a membership organization that promotes a stronger nonprofit sector in Montana through public policy, affordable products and services, organizational development, research and information sharing, and network building.

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