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This space started as a need to learn a new technology in a hands-on way and attempt to categorize different aspects of my work world into my own personal Virgo sensibilities. It is now a fun experiment and a work in progress and an oddly satisfying way be creative.
If you have questions, please contact Kristin Han Burgoyne, Grants Director,, 406/444-6449

Big Sky Arts Education Blog
Here Director of Arts Education, Emily Kohring, and occasional guest bloggers share thoughts and ideas on the value of arts education for Pre-K-12 students and for lifelong learners. She posts links to articles and the latest research on the arts and education, interesting lesson plans and curriculum ideas for teaching artists, arts specialists, classroom teachers and anybody who advocates for arts education in Montana schools and beyond.
Emily can be contacted at, 406/444-6522.

photo of vintage blown glass marbles

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