State of Montana Current Travel Rates

Last updated: 1-1-2016

Travel .54¢ per mile.

Meals in-state $23 per day (breakfast $5, lunch $6, dinner $12)*

Meals out-of-state $46 per day (breakfast $8, lunch $12, dinner $26)

As of October 1, 2015 the standard federal lodging rate will be $89.00 a night. This rate will be effective for all cities and counties within Montana except for the high cost areas listed on the federal GSA website and presented in the table below:

Montana High Cost Areas by Counties

Maximum Lodging

Cities within listed counties include, but are not limited to:
Gallatin (Oct 1 - May 31) $89
(June 1 - Sept 30) $138
Big Sky
West Yellowstone
Silver Bow $93 Butte
Lewis and Clark $92 Helena
(Oct 1 - June 30) $95
(July 1 - Aug 31) $136
(Sept 1 - Sept 30) $95
Seeley Lake
$146 Sidney

The lodging rate listed in the table applies to the entire county even if a particular city in that county is not listed. If a county is not listed, the federal standard rate of $89 should be used for that entire county.

In addition to the 7% accommodations tax there may be other local and or resort taxes added to your lodging bill. These may be a flat rate of $1 or more or they may be a percentage of the room charge. There are a variety of options and a variety of names, including TBID (Tourism Business Improvement District), tourism or city tourism fee. These costs, if incurred, are reimbursable.

If you stay in a non-receiptable facility, e.g., with friends or relatives or in a camper or trailer, or you fail to obtain a receipt, Section 2-18-501(5), MCA, authorizes you to claim $12 per night for lodging expenses.

*Meal allowances time ranges:

The time ranges determining eligibility for meal allowances are established in Section 2-18-502(1), MCA. In order to claim an allowance for a meal, you must be in a travel status for more than three continuous hours within one of the following time ranges:
Time Range
Meal Allowed
12:01 a.m. to 10 a.m. morning meal
10:01 a.m. to 3 p.m. midday meal
3:01 p.m. to midnight evening meal

If you have questions please call the Montana Arts Council, 406-444-6449.

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