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Art is Education

Provides resources to advocate for arts education from the Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership.


Arts and the Economy: Using Arts and Culture to Stimulate State Economic Development

A report that demonstrates the value of incorporating the arts and culture into their continuing economic development strategies.



Provides user-friendly summaries and overviews of arts education research focused entirely on student and teacher outcomes of arts learning in and out of school.


Arts Education Improved Work Force Development and Student Success

Shows how the arts shape the skills that 21st century employees need to succeed.


Arts Education in Montana: 2009-2010 School Year

This report summarizes the status of arts education in Montana using data collected from 313 of Montana’s 847 elementary, middle and secondary schools statewide.


Arts Strengthen Rural Economies

An issue brief from the NGA Center for Best Practices shows how states are turning to arts-based economic development strategies to revive rural economies.


Clusters of Creativity: Innovation and Growth in Montana

A report to the Montana Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity prepared by Stuart Rosenfeld of Regional Technology Strategies, Inc.


Creativity Matters: The Arts and Aging Toolkit

Designed for the arts and aging service fields, this toolkit explains why and how older adults benefit from participating in professionally conducted community arts programs and offers detailed advice and examples on program design, implementation and evaluation.


Economic Impact of Montana Artists

Report shows that the artists of Montana have a substantial economic impact on the state of over $233 million in 2003. There are over 5,800 artists – performing and visual artists, writers, photographers, crafts people, etc. – in Montana, per the 2000 U.S. census, equaling one out of every 80 people in Montana’s labor market. There are almost as many artists making their living in Montana as there are employed by the forest services, and there are more people employed as artists than in the mining industry.


How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain


Montana Department of Labor Study of Individual Artists 2012

A study using as a basis National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist Employment data from the 2010 U.S. census.


Music Matters: How Music Education Helps Students Learn, Achieve and Succeed

Prepared by the Arts Education Partnership (AEP); shows conclusively that music education equips students to learn, facilities student academic achievement and develops the creative capacities for lifelong success.


New Engines of Growth: Five Roles for Arts, Culture and Design

A report focusing on the roles that arts, culture and design can play as states seek to create jobs, boost their economies and transition to an innovation-based economy.


Promoting Film and Media to Enhance State Economic Development

An issue brief from the NGA Center for Best Practices shows how states can foster thriving film, television and media arts industries.


Role of Non-Profit Arts Organizations in Montana’s Economy

A survey of Montana non-profit arts organizations to assess how arts and cultural programs contribute to the state economy.


Role of the Arts in Economic Development

Reveals how the arts revitalize communities, contribute to a region’s innovation habitat, and help states remain competitive in today’s economy.


State Efforts to Promote Reading and Literary Activities

An issue brief from the NGA Center for Best Practices showcases many strategies states use to engage communities in reading programs and literary activities.



Scientific American - A growing group of advocates believe that STEM is missing a key component – the Arts.


Support Music

Provides step-by-step instructions and a databank of facts for would-be advocates.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s “Enterprising States: Creating Jobs, Economic Development and Prosperity in Challenging Times”

Ranks Montana first in the nation in entrepreneurship and innovation.






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