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Rickie van Berkum | Raven Ridge Fiber Arts


Rickie van Berkum headshot
Rickie van Berkum process
Rickie van Berkum art


Evidentia Series - Working in a traditional folk art, Rickie van Berkum explores the importance of using scientific research and analysis to address today’s pressing social and environmental questions. This work brings together her science background and a lifetime of fiber art.  Her pieces are designed to promote conversations about the scientific process, the role of science in making decisions, and the impact of technology on our lives.

(406) 626-4587 | vanberkumfiberart@gmail.com | www.ravenridgefiber.com

Liz Chappie Zoller | Pearl Snap Studio, LLC


Liz Chappie Zoller headshot
Liz Chappie Zoller process
Liz Chappie Zoller art


Liz Chappie Zoller is a contemporary western artist who creates tightly focused, “in the moment” oil paintings of the people, animals and landscapes, filled with vibrant color, bright contrasts and the pure light of Big Sky Country, all sourced from her own Montana life.

Closely cropped images create deliberate tensions against which form, color and light vibrate, to showcase the uncomplicated beauty of western life in a vast and often wild landscape.

Liz Chappie Zoller’s “Montana Life Paintings” celebrate beauty in energetic bites of color, light and life.

(406) 599-3172 | lizchappiezoller@gmail.com 






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