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Annie Allen | Roasted Art


Annie Allen headshot
Annie Allen process
Aspen Bear by Annie Allen


There was a time in my life when burning occurred…scorching and at the same time cleansing. This resulted in the business name Roasted. Roasted transformed my art and my view on life. From this transformation water began to play a vital role in my compositions. Water reveals a softness, an energetic quality to the canvas I’m painting. My current art combines water, dyes, an energetic vision with journeys on the land. The land produces energy that explodes and translates to the canvas. Art allows me to be in tune to the energy that surrounds me. This energy is “being in the flow”. My life is not complete without this energy; this release of creating that exists within.

The land calls me home, it whispers my name and centers my skills. The energy from the land is received by the body within. Creativity begins and art fills the canvas. These words ring true for my life: “Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement” –Jack Kornfield

Art awakens my spirit and provides constant inspiration and amazement for my soul.

It has been a journey, a journey of love and self-discovery. Art has and always will be at the center of this journey.

(406) 431-9479 | roasteddelectable@gmail.com | www.annieallenart.com



Deb Essen | DJE Handwovens


Deb Essen headshot
Deb Essen process
Deb Essen artwork


I weave secret messages in cloth. Overshot name drafts assign the letters of a name or phrase to the shafts on a loom, creating a unique pattern. These patterns are a hidden message in the cloth.

Handweaving is a labor intensive art. While machines churn out thousands of identical pieces, handweavers create unique pieces thread by thread, one at a time. The results are long-lasting heirloom quality pieces that will be treasured and used long after this years designer jacket becomes thrift store merchandise. Weaving is my passion and sharing that passion with others gives it life.

(406) 642-6424 | eccmontana@hotmail.com | www.djehandwovens.com



Jennette Rasch | Wonder Tree Studio


Jennette Rasch headshot
Jennette Rasch process
Jennette Rasch artwork


My illustrations give people permission to cross the arbitrary societal barriers to happiness so that they may celebrate joy, youthfulness, nostalgia, and magic without judgment or fear. One of the major founding principles and ideas of our society is that we are free to pursue happiness. The key word to thisconcept is that of “pursuit,” or the idea that we are chasing after happiness in order to catch it. I offer that we no longer need to participate in this chase. We can choose to be joyful. We can stop, rest, and discover ourhappiness. I invite my viewers to take time out from daily stress and allow themselves the peace and joy of loving life and magic and the nostalgia of those fleeting happy moments of their childhoods. I want to connect our tarnished and worn down adult selves not only with the happy moments of youth but with the living, breathing children around us. The tiny people who, when allowed, can bring unfiltered joy and magic into our lives. Take a moment to discover your happy place.

(406) 696-8279 | wondertreestudio@gmail.com 


Jan Shanahan | Wild Sky Industries


Jan Shanahan headshot
Jan Shanahan process
Jan Shanahan art


While a management career in the publishing, energy and IT industries afforded an opportunity to travel extensively and get acquainted with many cultures, Jan continued to remain attached to her first love creating hand-painted needlepoint canvases while she was in college at UCLA and continued to nurture this skill as she licensed her work to many pattern companies and magazines. Now that she is retired and living in her hometown of Whitefish, Montana, she finds time to continue with her artwork as she develops patterns for fellow artists and also combines her love of fiber and texture to create one-of a kind quilts and small sculptures that can adorn surfaces in the home. Keeping her work in limited production enables Jan to focus on custom products for clients and colleagues. Occasionally she will develop a series of work for a specific show, with each piece being available for sale.

(406) 862-2363 | janshan@wildskyindustries.com | www.wildskyindustries.com


Linda Short | Linda Short Art


Linda Short headshot
Linda Short process
Linda Short art


Linda's work expresses her reverence for animals as powerful and stunning creatures. Being a keen observer is as important as the tools with which those observations are rendered. As a multi-talented artist who works in a wide variety of mediums finding scratchboard was like putting the last piece in a puzzle – all the artistic challenges and endeavors came together – it satisfies the perfectionist – but at the same time one has to learn what has to be culled out. Heavily influenced by the light, color, and forms of the western ranch life - both in terms of the land, animals and its people, She is best known for her large works – most of these depict the magnificent beauty of the horse.

(406) 453-4334 | art@lindashort.com | www.lindashort.com



Meagan Thompson | Little Light Images


Meagan Thompson headshot
Meagan Thompson process
Meagan Thompson artwork


The Time Capsule Series captures the ephemeral nature of childhood reality in order to preserve memory. Time Capsule is part of my portrait photography business Little Light Images.

In classic black and white images, I capture a child’s innocent fascination with their favorite toy. I use a black backdrop and natural light to encapsulate the tiny subjects and eternalize a time when a child believes their toys have special powers. Within this setting, I photograph a series of sincere and unembellished moments that document the ebullient and pure interactions of children and their ‘real’ toys. The end result – a photograph, a box of visual interest, a thin and weightless rectangular object – becomes a bona fide time capsule with the power to trigger memory and bring children and their parents back to a simple time when toys are real and imagination is king.

(406) 221-6630 | meagan.belle.thompson@gmail.com


Rickie van Berkum | Raven Ridge Fiber Arts


Rickie van Berkum headshot
Rickie van Berkum process
Rickie van Berkum art


The cultural and historical role of wool fiber and its creative possibilities fascinate me.

In my Montana studio, I replicate the subtle color palettes and textures of pine forest, soaring rocky cliffs and the expanses of the plains in my yarns, spinning fibers and art garments. I revel in taking the slow lane: creating the special colors, spinning a special yarn and creating unique garments that will honor and last for the ages.

(406) 626-4587 | ravenridgefiber@gmail.com | www.ravenridgefiber.com


Liz Chappie Zoller | Pearl Snap Studio, LLC


Liz Chappie Zoller headshot
Liz Chappie Zoller process
Liz Chappie Zoller art


Liz Chappie Zoller is a contemporary western artist who creates tightly focused, “in the moment” oil paintings of the people, animals and landscapes, filled with vibrant color, bright contrasts and the pure light of Big Sky Country, all sourced from her own Montana life.

Closely cropped images create deliberate tensions against which form, color and light vibrate, to showcase the uncomplicated beauty of western life in a vast and often wild landscape.

Liz Chappie Zoller’s “Montana Life Paintings” celebrate beauty in energetic bites of color, light and life.

(406) 599-3172 | lizchappiezoller@gmail.com 






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