Artist's Innovation Award Past Winners



Heather Cahoon, Literary Arts, Missoula

Jack Gladstone, Performing Arts, Kalispell

Louis Habeck, Visual Arts, Billings

Maggy Rozycki Hiltner, Visual Arts, Red Lodge

Kate Hunt, Visual Arts, Kalispell

Steven Lee, Visual Arts, Helena

Deirdre McNamer, Literary Arts, Missoula

Jeremy Sher, Performing Arts, Missoula




Jean Albus, Visual Arts, Bridger

Brooke Atherton, Visual Arts, Billings

Theo Ellsworth, Visual Arts, Missoula

Mark Gibbons, Literary Arts, Missoula

Christine Joy, Visual Arts, Bozeman

Karen Kaufmann, Performing Arts, Missoula

Natalie Peeterse, Literary Arts, Missoula

Tarn Ream, Performing Arts, Missoula

Erin Saldin, Literary Arts, Missoula

Shalene Valenzuela, Visual Arts, Missoula




Philip Aaberg, Performing Arts, Chester

Angela Babby, Visual Arts, Billings

Rick Bass, Literary Arts, Missoula and Yaak Valley

Courtney Blazon, Visual Arts, Missoula

Jill Foote-Hutton, Visual Arts, Red Lodge

Tami Haaland, Literary Arts, Billings

April Hale, Visual Arts, Bozeman

Charles Nichols, Performing Arts, Missoula

Kathryn Schmidt, Visual Arts, Bozeman

Andy Smetanka, Visual Arts, Missoula

Mark Sundeen, Literary Arts, Missoula



David Cates, Literary Arts, Missoula

Eric Funk, Performing Arts, Bozeman

Kristi Hager, Performming Arts, Missoula

Katherine Kramer, Performing Arts, Bozeman

Melissa Kwasny, Literary Arts, Jefferson City



Jerry Iverson, Visual Arts, Big Timber

Dave Kirk, Visual Arts, Willow Creek

Molly Murphy, Visual Arts, Missoula

Lori Ryker, Visual Arts, Livingston

Phoebe Toland, Visual Arts, Helena

Lea Zoltowski, Visual Arts, Billings






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