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In order to foster environments where the innovation and creativity of artists are valued and celebrated, this program rewards Montana artists who have demonstrated:


   1. Innovation in their work and artwork

   2. Originality and dedication in their creative pursuits

   3. A marked capacity for self-direction




How we define innovation

Innovation is the act of introducing something new or different to further an artist’s vision and practice. This can mean new methods, applications, perspectives, elements, forms, materials, technology integration, project concepts and/or processes that result from study, experimentation or experiences. Your innovation can be from any era of your artistic career. Your innovation can be a personal evolution, or an evolution for the field, or both. Innovation is applicable to traditional art and contemporary art.




Sample Guidelines

AIA 2015 Winners

Grant Application

Current Awardees

AIA 2017 Awardees

Past Winners

Past Awardees






Artist's Innovation Award 2017 Awardees



Catherine Courtenaye
Joy French
Stephanie Frostad
Jennifer Groneberg
Sam Krahn
Aaron Parrett
Alison Reintjes
Bently Spang



Visual Artist Catherine Courtenaye of Bozeman, Performing Artist Joy French of Missoula, Visual Artist Stephanie Frostad of Missoula, Literary Artist Jennifer Groneberg of Bozeman, Performing Artist Sam Krahn of Great Falls, Literary Artist Aaron Parrett of Helena, Visual Artist Alison Reintjes of Missoula and Visual Artist Bently Spang of Billings.






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