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Quotes from Residencies

This is the Way to Learn

"I am going to use all I've learned in the future and keep going with it. This is the way to learn and it keeps it challenging and interesting for the teacher."

From a teacher after a dance and visual arts residency 



Structure Helped Kids Create Even More!

"I learned that having an art background helps children develop their art. We do art projects all the time, but having a structure and elements of art to incorporate helped the kids create even more!" 

From a librarian after a visual arts residency



Widen and Deepen Understanding

"I know that my students are kinesthetic learners, and that ANY time they have an opportunity to EXPERIENCE ideas, skills, and processes by using their bodies, it greatly enhances their learning." 

"We've been studying/exploring the properties of "solids" in our current science unit. Creative Movement enabled them to explore concepts and vocabulary in an immediate, physical way to widen and deepen their understanding. They loved it!"

From a teacher after a dance residency




"My favorite story of the year is from (a small rural) School and involves a second grade girl whose early life circumstances caused a noticeable lack of speech from her. When she participated in the paper marbling session she practically exploded with words exclaiming her work was 'awesome!' I don't think she could have had a bigger smile and wider eyes at that moment. It was very cool and all the other students in the room were clearly just as touched by that as I was." 

From a teaching artist that works in a year-long visual art residency in several counties in central Montana



Poetry Gives Success

"Another student who refused to complete most of her work, answer any questions, or do any homework, came alive during poetry. She wrote two poems for every class  assignment and is still bringing in poems for me to read. Poetry has given her success and she will now pass 7th grade. Poetry has shown her how to be a successful student."

From a middle school teacher after a two-week poetry residency




"It is so good for these students to learn in this way and discover about Montana's Indian tribes. Especially the respect part – to respect each other and the environment." 

From a community member after a dance and visual arts residency 



I feel that I am a Better Teacher

"At parent-teacher conferences I had several parents come in and thank me for hosting the artist. Most were amazed at how deep and creative the students were."

"For some students the experience was therapeutic. One junior boy lost a close friend a year ago, and he kept everything inside. His parents were worried because he hadn't talked about it. Mark and Mark's poems inspired this boy to write a poem honoring his friend who passed away. After the public reading this boy approached Mark and told Mark how thankful he was for the experience."

"One freshman girl who lost her mom when she was five wrote a poem about her mom. After some immense thought, she decided she was going to read it. This girl is not a popular girl, but after her reading her poem aloud, her peers noticed her. She brought tears to the eyes of many, including me, and she earned the respect of her peers."

"Personally, I feel that I am a better teacher because of Mark. He was so inspiring, and he gave me so many ideas." 

From an English teacher at a small rural high school after a four day poetry residency



You too can provide a remarkable opportunity for students and teachers. All these quotes are from residencies funded through the Montana Arts Council's Artists in Schools and Communities grant. 

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