Montana Arts Council

An Agency of State Government

Recent MAC Grantees

Public Value Partnerships FY 2020-2023

Alberta Bair Theater, $9,000, Billings

Alpine Artisans, Inc., $2,600, Seeley Lake

Alpine Theatre Project, $8,300, Whitefish

Archie Bray Foundation, $9,000, Helena

Art Mobile of Montana, $2,000, Dillon

Arts Missoula, $5,200, Missoula

Billings Studio Theatre, $6,000, Billings

Billings Symphony Society, $9,000, Billings

Bitterroot Performing Arts Council, $5,800, Hamilton

Butte Symphony Association, $3,700, Butte

C.M. Russell Museum, $6,000, Great Falls

Carbon County Arts Guild and Depot Gallery, $2,400, Red Lodge

Clay Studio of Missoula, $3,300, Missoula

Cohesion Dance Project, $4,600, Helena

Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture, $7,000, Bozeman

Fort Peck Fine Arts Council, Inc., $4,600, Glasgow

Glacier Symphony and Chorale, $7,000, Kalispell

Grandstreet Broadwater Productions, Inc., $9,000, Helena

Great Falls Symphony, $9,800, Great Falls

Helena Presents/Myrna Loy Center, $9,300, Helena

Helena Symphony, $7,000, Helena

Hockaday Museum of Art, $5,200, Kalispell

Holter Museum of Art, $7,200, Helena

Intermountain Opera Association, $6,300, Bozeman

Living Art of Montana, $3,300

Livingston Center for Art and Culture, Inc., $2,000, Livingston

MAPS Media Institute, $3,400, Hamilton

MCT, Inc., $10,000, Missoula

Missoula Art Museum, $9,000, Missoula

Missoula Writing Collaborative, $3,500, Missoula

Montana Actors' Theatre, $3,400, Havre

Montana Ballet Company, $4,100, Bozeman

Montana Museum of Art and Culture, $2,600, Missoula

Montana Repertory Theatre, $6,400, Missoula

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, $9,000, Bozeman

North Valley Music School, $3,300, Whitefish

Northcutt Steele Gallery, MSU-B, $2,000, Billings

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, $5,000, Great Falls

Pondera Arts Council, $3,800, Conrad

Southwest Montana Arts Council, $2,500, Dillon

Stumptown Art Studio, $2,400, Whitefish

Sunburst Foundation, $2,000, Eureka

Verge Theater, $6,300, Bozeman

WaterWorks Art Museum, $5,600, Miles City

Whitefish Theatre Co., $6,400, Whitefish

Yellowstone Art Museum, $8,000, Billings

Zootown Arts Community Center, $4,200, Missoula


Statewide Arts Service Organizations FY 2020-2021

Montana Performing Arts Consortium, $24,000

Montana Association of Symphony Orchestras, $24,000

Montana Art Gallery Director's Association, $24,000

Montana Dance Arts Association, $24,000



Strategic Investment Grants for the Arts FY 2019

Art House Cinema and Pub (Cine Billings), $1,000, Billings

Arts and Above, $1,000, Missoula

George Bumann, $732, Gardiner

Lynn Cain, $1,000, Townsend

Mary Callahan Baumstark, $613, Lewistown

Dolce Canto, $1,000, Missoula

Nola Freestone, $1,000, Helena

Haltforce Art Collective, $1,000, Billings

Carol Hartman, $1,000, Red Lodge

Patrick Hoffman, $680, Bozeman

Morgan Irons, $1,000, Bozeman

Neal Lewing, $1,000, Polson

Mineral Co. Performing Arts, $1,000, Superior

Janet Moczar-Buti, $1,000, Livingston

Montana Playwrights, $1,000, Helena

Mountain Time Arts, $1,000, Bozeman

Ronda Oldchief, $1,000, Missoula

Olive Parker, $1,000, Stevensville

Matthew Piedalue, $1,000, Bozeman

August Uhl, $1,000, Bozeman

Douglas Wales, $1,000, Bozeman



Artists in Schools and Communities FY 2020

Arts Learning Partners


MAPS Media Institute, $8,000, Hamilton

SPARK! Arts Ignite Learning, $7,200, Missoula

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, $8,000, Statewide

A VOICE, $7,000, Pablo

Missoula Writing Collaborative, $6,000 Missoula

Holter Museum of Art, $6,000, Helena

Montana Repertory Theatre, $6,000, Statewide

WaterWorks Art Museum, $6,000 Miles City

Art Mobile of Montana, $6,000, Statewide


AISC $1,500-$5,000

Yellowstone Art Museum, $5,000, Billings

Cohesion Dance Project, $4,620, Helena

Lowell School Parent Teacher Association, $3,960, Missoula

Conservatory ASL Northwest, $4,755, Great Falls

Russell Elementary, $3,465, Kalispell

Helena Presents/Myrna Loy Center, $5,000, Helena

Missoula County Public Schools, $3,900, Missoula

Creative Writing Center, MSU-B, $1,800, Billings

Park High School, $5,000, Livingston

Billings Symphony Society, $5,000, Billings

World Language Initiative - Montana, $1,790, Bozeman

Bozeman Art Museum, $5,000, Bozeman

The Shane Lalani Center for the Arts, $5,000, Livingston

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, $5,000, Great Falls

Discovery Developmental Center, $3,630, Kalispell

Bigger Sky Kids, Inc., $3,900, Wolf Point

Great Falls Symphony, $5,000, Great Falls

Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation, $5,000, Missoula

Bitterroot Baroque, Inc., $5,000, Hamilton

Liberty Place, Inc., $4,985, Whitehall

East Side School, $3,910, Livingston

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