Montana Arts Council

American Rescue Plan Act Funding (Closed)

MAC is excited to announce the recipients of the ARPA Artist and Organization Grants. Made possible by $754,000 in federal funding allocated via the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), these one-time grants are intended to boost Montana’s creative economy as it continues to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic. The ARPA Artist grant is a project-based grant with a maximum award of $10,000 and is designed to fund the creation of new artwork and expand audiences for the arts. The ARPA Organization provides up $5,000 in funds to cover day-to-day operating costs for Montana 501c3 arts organizations. Both processes are now closed.


Artist Grant
First Name Last Name Project Name Community Award Amount
Elise Atchison No Woman's Land Livingston $5,000.00
Kate Augusto Creation of "Thoughts & Allies," an Ensemble Dance Work Missoula $10,000.00
Jenny Bevill Virtual Open Studio: Visiting with Contemporary Montana Artists Whitefish $10,000.00
Samantha Bird* Painting for Positive Futures Cut Bank $10,000.00
Courtney Blazon Even the Sun goes West: A collection of drawings of the west by Courtney Blazon and Ladypajama Missoula $9,328.00
Betty Buckley Flyover Country Power $10,000.00
Heather Cahoon “Poems for Naɫisqélixʷ (People-Eating Monsters) Manuscript”.   Missoula $10,000.00
Russ Chapman* Russ Chapman - Recording High Country Blues - an 8-10 song recording project. Bozeman $10,000.00
Chip Clawson Create Two Large Suspended Sculptures for Exhibition Helena $10,000.00
Adam Collins* Le Violoncelle Francophone: Cello-Piano Concert Tour Missoula $10,000.00
Jacob Cowgill Small Town, Long Streets: Coming Together in Rural Montana  Power $10,000.00
Nic Davis* The Montana Sessions Bozeman $9,783.00
Cameron Decker* Astkw: Salish Cedar Bark Basket Integration in Education Arlee $10,000.00
Jane Waggoner Deschner "Remember me." immersive installation at the Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT Billings $10,000.00
Melissa DiNino Reaching a New Audience: Creating Work for MiXX Atelier in Telluride, Colorado McLeod $10,000.00
Ulf Eriksson* "Montana Sounds": Montana Inspired Original Jazz - A Full Album Audio Recording and Performances Florence $8,965.00
Jennifer Fawcett* Tour of Junior's Debut Album Missoula $6,416.00
Richard Fifield* Bad Luck Book Club Missoula $9,990.00
Jeni Fleming Holiday Symphony Project Bozeman $10,000.00
John Floridis Songs Of A Certain Age Missoula $10,000.00
Linda Foy Four Seasons of Montana: From the River Bottom to the Clouds Above Twin Bridges $10,000.00
Emily Freeman Stay Here Dillon $10,000.00
Marian Geil* Smelter Mouse Chronicles Anaconda $6,646.00
Mark Gibbons Podunk No Horse: A Tale of Vice in Verse Missoula $10,000.00
Monica Gilles-Brings Yellow Horses Creation of Public Art and Public School Art  Missoula  $2,600.00
Louis Habeck Life-size Triceratops Head Herd Completion. Billings $9,650.00
Audrey Hall* Harlow Willis; Bitter Taste - a fine art multimedia and multi-platform project Livingston $10,000.00
Jessy Hanson* The Home We Carry: A Visual Anthology of the Unhoused and Their Belongings Lakeside $8,850.00
DG House Yellowstone 150: Reflections From DG House Bozeman  $9,906.00
Stephen Hunt* Light and Life on The Land Saint Ignatius $10,000.00
Marcy James* No Man's Land: The Library Missoula $8,153.00
Aaron Jennings* Vinyl Record Manufacturing and Workshop Missoula $10,000.00
Danell Jones* The Girl Prince: Virginia Woolf, Black British Lives, and the Dreadnought Hoax Billings $8,350.00
Megan Karls Re-Envisioned: Montana Composers in Mission Churches Great Falls $9,193.00
John Knight John Knight ARPA Request: Creating a Site Specific Installation at the Montana Artist Refuge Gallery Missoula $8,546.00
Beth Korth* Beth Korth Printmaking Workshop & Demonstrations in Red Lodge, MT Roberts $5,850.00
Bryan Kostors* The River Is Everywhere Missoula $10,000.00
Brian Langeliers Aerial Landscape Paintings : "A Tale of Two Cities" Red Lodge $8,856.00
Valentina Lapier* Traditional Parfleche Native American Art East Glacier Park $10,000.00
Ari Laskin* Memorial’s Undoing: Horror without Monsters Helena $10,000.00
Steven Lee Tableware on the Jigger/Jolley Helena $9,985.00
Liz Lewis* Loyalty Life-Size German Shepherd Bronze Production Bozeman $10,000.00
Gary Little* Montana Uplift Billings $10,000.00
BT Livermore Well Ain't That a Thing (An Interactive Art Show) Butte $6,450.00
Melissa Madsen* Is It Art or Is It Vandalism, Stencils, Street Art and Photoshop Missoula $5,451.00
Bruna Massadas Latest Paintings Bozeman $9,998.00
Wyatt Maw* Ashland Livingston $10,000.00
Allison McGree The Interconnections, Impact, and Beauty of Montana's Rivers Bozeman $10,000.00
Norman Menzales Filipino Flute Recording Project Great Falls $10,000.00
Andrew Meyers Theatre for Young Audiences: Script Development and Touring Production Missoula $2,500.00
Leslie Millar Heavenly Visions - Burnt Offerings Series Arlee $10,000.00
Shawna Moore Exhibition Support Whitefish $10,000.00
Buck Morigeau Old Montana Ways Arlee $10,000.00
Sheree Nelson* Mural Installation - Downtown Great Falls Great Falls $10,000.00
Rick Newby The Helena Notebooks Helena $3,500.00
Natalie Padilla* Montana Wildflower Bozeman $9,950.00
Natalie Peeterse Thunderous Book Tour Project Helena $10,000.00
Whitney Polich* Egg Tempera Landscapes Vaughn $9,945.00
Meghan Purcell* Developing Online and In-Person Wool Felt Workshops & Tutorial Livingston $10,000.00
Tara Radosevich* Tara's Solo Show- The Wildlife of Montana Bozeman $2,846.00
Amy Ragsdale Montana Suite film completion Missoula $5,700.00
Micah Rauch* Building an Art Studio to Better bring the Weird Wilds to Montana Great Falls $10,000.00
Jennifer Reifsneider Jennifer Reifsneider: Spool Exhibition Missoula $10,000.00
Alison Reintjes Clay in Context Missoula $10,000.00
Brandon Reintjes New Materials for New Paintings  Missoula $5,000.00
Ashley Reloba-Meyora* Working With What You Have  Missoula $8,562.00
Stephanie Revennaugh* Cast Glass Collaboration Revennaugh/Henry Livingston $10,000.00
James Rickley Flowing Waters | Music New to Great Falls Great Falls $10,000.00
Jennifer Rohrer* Sacred Ground Crown Butte:  The Creation of a Kevin Red Star Painting Seeley Lake $9,350.00
Anne Ross Dimensional Textures: Durable Art Board Books of Curiosity and Wonder Billings $10,000.00
Russell Rowland Breakfast in Montana Billings $5,000.00
Pamela Schiffer* Paradise Valley Paintings  Livingston $10,000.00
Naomi Siegel The Nature Of Change: Composition & Conduction with the Hellgate High School Jazz Ensemble Missoula $7,472.00
Andy Smetanka I Am the Wilma Theater Missoula $5,000.00
Kimberly Spence* A Bird Set Free Stevensville $10,000.00
Loren Stillman* Divide: The Montana Jazz Project - tour and live broadcast Missoula $9,910.00
Ann Tappan* Williams/Tappan/Kohler Manhattan $2,774.00
Geoffrey Taylor* 12 Fantasias for 5-string Fiddle: New Music for 5-string Fiddle Recordings and Performances  Missoula $6,200.00
Peter Tolton Return - Vietnam Veteran Documentary Film Billings $10,000.00
Shalene Valenzuela Let's Play Telephone Missoula $4,452.00
Willem Volkersz Looking Back, Looking Forward Bozeman $5,005.00
Ella Watson Ancestor Inspired Disability/ Chronic Care Apperatuses and Medical Paintings Bozeman  $9,958.00
April Werle* Mga Hunghong sa Diwata (Whispers of Spirits) - Solo Exhibition by April Werle Missoula $9,910.00
Christopher Woodman* Slow Dusty Road album for Good Old Fashioned Missoula $6,855.00
Dana Zier Honoring Earth and Heritage from the Boonies  Bridger $9,747.00
Total Artist Grant Awards $737,602.00
ARPA Organization Grant
Organization Community Award
Bigfork Art and Cultural Center* Bigfork $5,000.00
Montana State Old Time Fiddlers' Association, Inc. Denton $5,000.00
Sweet Grass Arts Alliance* Big Timber $5,000.00
The Paradise Center Paradise $5,000.00
Total Organization Grant Awards $20,000
* First time applicants are noted with an asterisk.
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