Montana Arts Council

An Agency of State Government

American Rescue Plan Act Funding (Closed)

MAC is excited to announce the recipients of the ARPA Artist and Organization Grants. Made possible by $754,000 in federal funding allocated via the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), these one-time grants are intended to boost Montana’s creative economy as it continues to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic. The ARPA Artist grant is a project-based grant with a maximum award of $10,000 and is designed to fund the creation of new artwork and expand audiences for the arts. The ARPA Organization provides up $5,000 in funds to cover day-to-day operating costs for Montana 501c3 arts organizations. Both processes are now closed.


Artist Grant
First Name Last Name Project Name Community Award Amount
Elise Atchison No Woman's Land Livingston $5,000.00
Kate Augusto Creation of "Thoughts & Allies," an Ensemble Dance Work Missoula $10,000.00
Jenny Bevill Virtual Open Studio: Visiting with Contemporary Montana Artists Whitefish $10,000.00
Samantha Bird* Painting for Positive Futures Cut Bank $10,000.00
Courtney Blazon Even the Sun goes West: A collection of drawings of the west by Courtney Blazon and Ladypajama Missoula $9,328.00
Betty Buckley Flyover Country Power $10,000.00
Heather Cahoon “Poems for Naɫisqélixʷ (People-Eating Monsters) Manuscript”.   Missoula $10,000.00
Russ Chapman* Russ Chapman - Recording High Country Blues - an 8-10 song recording project. Bozeman $10,000.00
Chip Clawson Create Two Large Suspended Sculptures for Exhibition Helena $10,000.00
Adam Collins* Le Violoncelle Francophone: Cello-Piano Concert Tour Missoula $10,000.00
Jacob Cowgill Small Town, Long Streets: Coming Together in Rural Montana  Power $10,000.00
Nic Davis* The Montana Sessions Bozeman $9,783.00
Cameron Decker* Astkw: Salish Cedar Bark Basket Integration in Education Arlee $10,000.00
Jane Waggoner Deschner "Remember me." immersive installation at the Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT Billings $10,000.00
Melissa DiNino Reaching a New Audience: Creating Work for MiXX Atelier in Telluride, Colorado McLeod $10,000.00
Ulf Eriksson* "Montana Sounds": Montana Inspired Original Jazz - A Full Album Audio Recording and Performances Florence $8,965.00
Jennifer Fawcett* Tour of Junior's Debut Album Missoula $6,416.00
Richard Fifield* Bad Luck Book Club Missoula $9,990.00
Jeni Fleming Holiday Symphony Project Bozeman $10,000.00
John Floridis Songs Of A Certain Age Missoula $10,000.00
Linda Foy Four Seasons of Montana: From the River Bottom to the Clouds Above Twin Bridges $10,000.00
Emily Freeman Stay Here Dillon $10,000.00
Marian Geil* Smelter Mouse Chronicles Anaconda $6,646.00
Mark Gibbons Podunk No Horse: A Tale of Vice in Verse Missoula $10,000.00
Monica Gilles-Brings Yellow Horses Creation of Public Art and Public School Art  Missoula  $2,600.00
Louis Habeck Life-size Triceratops Head Herd Completion. Billings $9,650.00
Audrey Hall* Harlow Willis; Bitter Taste - a fine art multimedia and multi-platform project Livingston $10,000.00
Jessy Hanson* The Home We Carry: A Visual Anthology of the Unhoused and Their Belongings Lakeside $8,850.00
DG House Yellowstone 150: Reflections From DG House Bozeman  $9,906.00
Stephen Hunt* Light and Life on The Land Saint Ignatius $10,000.00
Marcy James* No Man's Land: The Library Missoula $8,153.00
Aaron Jennings* Vinyl Record Manufacturing and Workshop Missoula $10,000.00
Danell Jones* The Girl Prince: Virginia Woolf, Black British Lives, and the Dreadnought Hoax Billings $8,350.00
Megan Karls Re-Envisioned: Montana Composers in Mission Churches Great Falls $9,193.00
John Knight John Knight ARPA Request: Creating a Site Specific Installation at the Montana Artist Refuge Gallery Missoula $8,546.00
Beth Korth* Beth Korth Printmaking Workshop & Demonstrations in Red Lodge, MT Roberts $5,850.00
Bryan Kostors* The River Is Everywhere Missoula $10,000.00
Brian Langeliers Aerial Landscape Paintings : "A Tale of Two Cities" Red Lodge $8,856.00
Valentina Lapier* Traditional Parfleche Native American Art East Glacier Park $10,000.00
Ari Laskin* Memorial’s Undoing: Horror without Monsters Helena $10,000.00
Steven Lee Tableware on the Jigger/Jolley Helena $9,985.00
Liz Lewis* Loyalty Life-Size German Shepherd Bronze Production Bozeman $10,000.00
Gary Little* Montana Uplift Billings $10,000.00
BT Livermore Well Ain't That a Thing (An Interactive Art Show) Butte $6,450.00
Melissa Madsen* Is It Art or Is It Vandalism, Stencils, Street Art and Photoshop Missoula $5,451.00
Bruna Massadas Latest Paintings Bozeman $9,998.00
Wyatt Maw* Ashland Livingston $10,000.00
Allison McGree The Interconnections, Impact, and Beauty of Montana's Rivers Bozeman $10,000.00
Norman Menzales Filipino Flute Recording Project Great Falls $10,000.00
Andrew Meyers Theatre for Young Audiences: Script Development and Touring Production Missoula $2,500.00
Leslie Millar Heavenly Visions - Burnt Offerings Series Arlee $10,000.00
Shawna Moore Exhibition Support Whitefish $10,000.00
Buck Morigeau Old Montana Ways Arlee $10,000.00
Sheree Nelson* Mural Installation - Downtown Great Falls Great Falls $10,000.00
Rick Newby The Helena Notebooks Helena $3,500.00
Natalie Padilla* Montana Wildflower Bozeman $9,950.00
Natalie Peeterse Thunderous Book Tour Project Helena $10,000.00
Whitney Polich* Egg Tempera Landscapes Vaughn $9,945.00
Meghan Purcell* Developing Online and In-Person Wool Felt Workshops & Tutorial Livingston $10,000.00
Tara Radosevich* Tara's Solo Show- The Wildlife of Montana Bozeman $2,846.00
Amy Ragsdale Montana Suite film completion Missoula $5,700.00
Micah Rauch* Building an Art Studio to Better bring the Weird Wilds to Montana Great Falls $10,000.00
Jennifer Reifsneider Jennifer Reifsneider: Spool Exhibition Missoula $10,000.00
Alison Reintjes Clay in Context Missoula $10,000.00
Brandon Reintjes New Materials for New Paintings  Missoula $5,000.00
Ashley Reloba-Meyora* Working With What You Have  Missoula $8,562.00
Stephanie Revennaugh* Cast Glass Collaboration Revennaugh/Henry Livingston $10,000.00
James Rickley Flowing Waters | Music New to Great Falls Great Falls $10,000.00
Jennifer Rohrer* Sacred Ground Crown Butte:  The Creation of a Kevin Red Star Painting Seeley Lake $9,350.00
Anne Ross Dimensional Textures: Durable Art Board Books of Curiosity and Wonder Billings $10,000.00
Russell Rowland Breakfast in Montana Billings $5,000.00
Pamela Schiffer* Paradise Valley Paintings  Livingston $10,000.00
Naomi Siegel The Nature Of Change: Composition & Conduction with the Hellgate High School Jazz Ensemble Missoula $7,472.00
Andy Smetanka I Am the Wilma Theater Missoula $5,000.00
Kimberly Spence* A Bird Set Free Stevensville $10,000.00
Loren Stillman* Divide: The Montana Jazz Project - tour and live broadcast Missoula $9,910.00
Ann Tappan* Williams/Tappan/Kohler Manhattan $2,774.00
Geoffrey Taylor* 12 Fantasias for 5-string Fiddle: New Music for 5-string Fiddle Recordings and Performances  Missoula $6,200.00
Peter Tolton Return - Vietnam Veteran Documentary Film Billings $10,000.00
Shalene Valenzuela Let's Play Telephone Missoula $4,452.00
Willem Volkersz Looking Back, Looking Forward Bozeman $5,005.00
Ella Watson Ancestor Inspired Disability/ Chronic Care Apperatuses and Medical Paintings Bozeman  $9,958.00
April Werle* Mga Hunghong sa Diwata (Whispers of Spirits) - Solo Exhibition by April Werle Missoula $9,910.00
Christopher Woodman* Slow Dusty Road album for Good Old Fashioned Missoula $6,855.00
Dana Zier Honoring Earth and Heritage from the Boonies  Bridger $9,747.00
Total Artist Grant Awards $737,602.00
ARPA Organization Grant
Organization Community Award
Bigfork Art and Cultural Center* Bigfork $5,000.00
Montana State Old Time Fiddlers' Association, Inc. Denton $5,000.00
Sweet Grass Arts Alliance* Big Timber $5,000.00
The Paradise Center Paradise $5,000.00
Total Organization Grant Awards $20,000
* First time applicants are noted with an asterisk.
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