Montana Arts Council


Employee or Independent Contractor?

A webinar on the high points of Montana and federal regulations regarding independent contractor versus employee status for non-profit arts/cultural organizations.


Casting A Wider Social Net!

A webinar on strategies for consistent effective digital communications.


Socialize With Us!

This is a lively discussion about social media with representatives from arts organizations that are successfully using social media to connect with their audiences. Alpine Theatre Company's Luke Walrath, Alberta Bair Theater's Jody Grant and Archie Bray Foundation's Rachel Hicks continued the discussion that was featured on Page 20-21 in MAC's May/June 2014 issue of State of the Arts.


Website the Key to Telling Our Story

In this session Glacier Symphony and Chorale Executive Director Alan Satterlee takes us through their website features, focusing on how they utilize various elements to build participation.


Designing Accessible Websites

A webinar presented by Joe Dolson, accessibility consultant and web developer, on tips and tools for websites aiming to provide an equal experience for their visitors with disabilities.



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