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In 1975, the Montana Legislature set aside a percentage of the Coal Tax to restore murals in the Capitol and support other cultural and aesthetic projects. This unique funding source is a Cultural Trust, with grant money allocated every two years. Grant funds are derived from the interest earned on the Cultural Trust.

In 1983, the Legislature established a Cultural and Aesthetic Projects Advisory Committee with 16 members, half appointed by the Montana Arts Council and half by the Montana Historical Society. The committee reviews all grant proposals and makes funding recommendations to the Legislature, which determines who will receive grant funds. The Montana Arts Council administers the program for the Legislature.


Cultural and Aesthetic Projects Advisory Committee                         

Updated July 2018


Appointed by the Montana Arts Council:

  • Virginia Bryan, Billings
  • Mary Callahan Baumstark, Lewistown
  • Elizabeth Guheen, Martinsdale
  • Jill Hill, Sidney
  • Claudette Morton, Helena
  • Darren Rich, Billings
  • Jenny Rohrer, Seeley Lake
  • John Zirkle, Big Sky


Appointed by the Montana Historical Society:

  • Bill Jones, Harlowton
  • Don Matlock, Hamilton
  • Shane Doyle, Bozeman
  • KayKarol Horse Capture, Great Falls
  • Jenna Peete, Billings
  • Peter Rudd, Helena
  • Kim Anderson, Humanities Montana, Statewide
  • Jennie Stapp, State Library, Statewide


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